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"This is a very accomplished film, full of understanding what constitutes cinema. Camera and sound are handled in a very elaborate way, and yet the film feels as if done with great ease. Congratulations. Best of luck."

Werner Herzog
Iconic Filmmaker (comment taken from Payback for Dummies short film review)

"This kid's got taste!"

Mel Brooks
Comedy Icon (after I told him "I grew up on Young Frankenstein.")

About Me

Rich Wojcicki

Illustrator / Store Owner

RICH WOJCICKI [whoa-sicky]: Seasoned Filmmaker & Illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY with 10+ years of experience. Creator of award winning short films, original comic books, compelling digital content and a comedic web series. All around swell fella'.

Creator: Deadbeats & Miscreants (an original comic series).

Co-Creator : It's Bad: The News w/Fox Mulohand (a news satire series).